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Heartfelt Moments

two ladies looking at a touchscreen

“I gave through a life insurance policy”

visiting through a window

“A heartfelt donation brings light and joy”

man smiling

“I gave in honor of my wife”

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“I gave to support future generations”

woman gardening

“I gave for garden beautification”

volunteers holding a heart sign

“I gave to show my gratitude”

two ladies looking at a touchscreen

“I’ve seen the care that’s been given to family, friends, and loved ones”

two ladies looking at a touchscreen
“Giving as a group reminds us that generosity is an ideal we share as friends”
two ladies looking at a touchscreen

“I believe strongly in the mission, the people and the future of care”

illustration of a sunrise

“I gave through a life insurance policy”

I entered into a life insurance policy with Presbyterian SeniorCare Foundation named as the owner and designated beneficiary. As a longtime Board member and elder law attorney, I wanted to ensure that Presbyterian SeniorCare will be here to help future generations of residents. This insurance policy enables me to give a significant gift of at least $200,000 as the death benefit on the policy – and all I need to do is make an annual $2,000 tax deductible donation. My donations, along with others in the insurance program, are matched by an anonymous donor who is helping to underwrite the annual premiums on the policies. With the policy, my final gift to Presbyterian SeniorCare will be much greater than it would have been if I had made a $2,000 annual gift over many years, and it won’t have any tax consequences for my heirs when my estate is settled.

– Julian G.

women visiting through a window

“A heartfelt donation brings light and joy”

“When my wife moved into Woodside Place of Longwood I wanted to donate to a project that would improve the daily lives of everyone in the memory care neighborhood, especially the staff who take such loving care of the residents. I funded an awning for the outdoor patio so the residents and staff could all gather together outside and be protected from the sun. Then, based on a recommendation of a Woodside Lifestyle Engagement Specialist, I funded a series of live music performances. Music, she said, especially live music, draws everyone together, eliciting emotions and memories and creating a sense of community and joy.”

– Dave S., donor

man smiling

“I donated to honor my wife”

“My wife was a resident of Woodside Place of Oakmont and later The Willows of Oakmont. I got to see first-hand the quality of care and caring that Presbyterian SeniorCare Network staff show every day on the job. I was proud to donate to continue the Network’s mission of making aging easier for people who need care but may have outlived their resources. I wanted to honor my wife’s memory by making the gift to the Cornerstone Society as a way to thank the many caregivers who helped us while she was there.”

– Wes P., donor

illustration of a sunrise

“I gave to support future generations”

“My mother and my aunt were both residents at Manchester Commons in Erie and I saw firsthand the high level of person-centered care they received. I was so impressed with the dedication of the caregivers and the quality of the organization that I wanted to be a part of it. I’ve served on the Erie board of directors for 30 years now and I’m proud that my gifts of time, talent and treasure have supported an organization that cares for the neediest, most vulnerable people with compassion and benevolence. I gave because I want to make sure that Presbyterian SeniorCare Network is still here for me and future generations of the Erie community. ”

– Jim O., donor

woman gardening

“I donate for garden beautification”

“I administer a fund that my mother set up with the Pittsburgh Foundation. When I saw that two gardens on the Oakmont campus had blank walls, I authorized separate grants to cover the cost of mosaic art projects to fill them. I wanted the residents to be part of their making and connected the Foundation with Stevo Sadvary, a local artist, who designed the murals and then oversaw their fabrication. Now, when the residents are in the gardens, they are not only enjoying the natural beauty; they are experiencing the artwork they helped to create.”

– Toni A., donor

volunteers holding a heart sign

“I donate to show my gratitude”

“Longwood at Oakmont has been a godsend for me after my husband died. To show my gratitude, I wanted to make a large donation to Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, but I was afraid to make it while I am still living just in case I need funds for living expenses. I decided to donate the proceeds of my Longwood entrance fee once I die. Not only can I make a meaningful donation, I also can keep that money out of my estate so my heirs don’t have to pay taxes on it.”

– Kathryn D., donor

two ladies looking at a touchscreen

“I’ve seen the care that’s been given to family, friends, and loved ones.”

“I am proud to donate annually, fund challenge grants, and focus time as the Foundation’s Board Chair to an organization that has never asked anyone to leave their care because of financial reasons. This commitment speaks to the inspiring spirit of caring, generosity, and community that is so prevalent and strong here.”

– Scott Pipitone, Pipitone, donor

volunteers holding a heart sign

“Giving as a group reminds us that generosity is an ideal we share as friends.”

“Every year on February 14th I send a group text to my friends and family, reminding them that they are all in my heart, and prompting them to give to Presbyterian SeniorCare Foundation. They are all generous people who want to give, and it helps to give them a little nudge—with a link!”

– Jackie F., donor

two ladies looking at a touchscreen

“I believe strongly in the mission, the people and the future of care.”

“As a member of the Foundation and Longwood at Oakmont boards, and also a member of the Cornerstone Society, I believe in Presbyterian SeniorCare Network’s mission. The passion of team members and the commitment to the evolution of care is what inspires my giving and energizes my fundraising efforts on behalf of charitable care. I want to ensure that care and cutting-edge programs remain available for those who may outlive their resources and help enable the Network to expand its reach to serve more in the community.”

– Danielle Larson, Eaton, donor

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